Shires Artists!

Novus is extremely proud to announce a partnership with S. E. Shires Co. As Shires Artists the members of Novus will use Shires Instruments in their quartet performances.

Mike Selover and Dana Landis made a trip to the Shires Factory in Hopedale, MA last weekend. Both are looking to purchase new instruments: Dana, a Shires “Chicago” tenor, and Mike, a custom tenor. This wasn’t Novus’s first trip to Hopedale, Mike Clayville and Dana Landis have been playing Shires horns since 1999. The whole quartet took a trip to the factory in 2010. Here are some pictures from last weekend and 2010:

photo (7) photo (8) photo (9)

IMG_4785     IMG_4781

IMG_4801     IMG_4802

IMG_4805     IMG_4806

IMG_4807     IMG_4809

IMG_4815     IMG_4816


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