NOVUS is a chamber ensemble made up of four very passionate musicians who envision, inspire and perform new music for trombone quartet.  All four of these trombonists have a deep understanding of the history of the genre, as well as considerable experience as orchestral musicians and soloists as well as with chamber music.

Novus brings to life the rich tone of the trombone and the deep resonance possible when four trombones come together in a homogenous sonority.  A discerning listener will also hear the changes of color that are possible from piece to piece and as different trombones are used for musical and acoustical subtleties.

Mike Clayville, Dana Landis, Dave Murray and Mike Selover are constantly working to inspire composers to create music with all of this in mind – accessible music that is both new and contemporary, but with in the spirit of stewardship and tradition that comes with their unique backgrounds.

A little history:  after taking first prize in the International Trombone Association’s Quartet Competition in 2004, Novus enjoyed the position of Artists-in-Residence at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music and a fellowship at the Norfolk Music Festival.  Novus has performed and given master classes at the Kennedy Center, the University of Rochester’s Eastman School of Music, the University of Maryland, UCLA, Penn State, Lebanon Valley College and the Hochschule fur Musik in Munich, Germany.  Our self-titled debut album was funded in part by Rice University and the Eastman School of Music and contains ten works written specifically for Novus by composers such as Chris Brubeck, Michael Davis, Michael Patterson, Michaela Eramiasova and Kim Scharnberg.  Recently Novus recorded incidental music by Robert Pound for a New York production of Sophoclese’s tragedy Oedipus at ColonusNovus has served as Artists-in-Residence at New York University.

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